Auraria Bike/Ped Ambassador Program

Become a Bike/Ped Ambassador!

Become a Bike/Ped Ambassador!

Do you care about transportation options to/from campus?
Do you have ideas for improving the campus experience?
Do you want a voice in shaping a sustainable campus?

Bike/Ped Ambassadors are passionate advocates for creating a more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly campus. They recognize that as more students and faculty members choose non-driving options, we improve our health, reduce our environmental impact and build the character of the campus.

Ambassadors take a leading role in providing education to people on campus during official RoA events as well as through other marketing and community engagement programs. They also assist RoA staff in collecting transit data and publicizing the overall program.

Additionally, Ambassadors will have the opportunity to design their own programs on campus and to have official representation with decision-makers on campus.

Apply to become an Auraria Bike/Ped Ambassador!

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