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Secure Bike Parking May Soon Be a Reality At Auraria

Since the start of our program in October 2014, Ride on Auraria ambassadors have been working to dream up an Auraria campus infrastructure  and education wishlist. The goal of our wishlist was to create a list of all the facilities and initiatives we would love to see on campus to make it more friendly to alternative ways of commuting to campus (think biking, walking, taking the bus, light rail). We thought about creating a street for people (bikes, pedestrians, skateboarders, etc.) on 11th street, pedestrian wayfinding signage across campus,  Tour de Tivoli Bike Rides, commuter challenges, comfortable seating for transit commuters, and beyond.  We created quite a list of large and small projects that we believe would encourage the use of alternative transportation to campus.

Included in this list was the dream of secure bike parking facilities on campus. The idea for secure bike parking started when we took a tour of campus to look at our existing bike parking facilities. During our tour, we quickly realized that the campus had limited covered bike parking spaces and that those spaces were highly coveted.  We began to speculate that maybe the campus could encourage more bicycle ridership if we had better bike parking facilities. To test our theory, Ride on Auraria volunteers hit the pavement and surveyed students, staff and faculty from all four campus institutions to determine what the people of Auraria thought about bike parking facilities. After collecting the surveys, we found that 10 percent of those surveyed do not ride their bike to campus for fear that it will get stolen and that nearly 42 percent of respondents would find secure bike parking on campus “very valuable”.

We quickly got to work now knowing that we had the potential to increase the number of people biking to campus by simply giving people a safe place to park their bike. Hearing about all the great things happening for bikes in Boulder we scheduled a tour of the University of Colorado Boulder’s Bike Program. On the tour we learned that the campus recently installed secure bike parking that was accessible by campus ID cards. Seeing the popularity and ease with which students on bikes used the space we were sold.



We worked with Auraria Higher Education Center’s (AHEC) Sustainability Officer, Liz Swanson, and Campus Planner, Carl Meese,  to submit a funding proposal through the Sustainable Campus Program (SCP) for a secure bike parking facility at the Tivoli parking garage.  The proposal includes bike parking for 60 bicycles, ID card entry, space for bike maps and informational material, wayfinding signage,  and a bike fix-it station.

Next month we will find out if one of our dream infrastructure projects may become a reality! Stay Tuned!


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