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What is the Best Part About your Commute?

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I’ve always been very decisive. I prefer vanilla over chocolate, I like Pepsi not Coke and I’d choose mountains over the sea side. But I’m having a very hard time deciding what one thing, is the ‘best’ thing, about my commute. So I have
decided (see what I did there?) that I will share a list with you instead.

‘The TOP 5 Reasons Why I Love Commuting’, via bike:

  1. Open Road, Open Headspace: My mind loves to wander, especially during my commute. I make decisions, I brainstorm and I laugh (to myself about things I would normally have forgotten about).
  2. The Sweat: I workout daily. Something I never imaged possible. But once I started commuting via bike, I break a sweat each day. The world’s largest hill (on 23rd) is my gym.
  3.  The Money Saved: My mechanic recently said this to me “You know, we’re going to go out of business if you don’t drive more.” That’s right. He recognizes how much money I’m saving by biking. Maintenance and gas money, stays in my pocket.
  4.  The People: I’m a professional people watcher and my commute gives me ample opportunities to work on my craft. I’ve seen strange, beautiful and silly people and situations. And because of that, I feel more connected to my neighbors and this city.
  5.  The Fresh Air: We all spend a lot of time inside, but my commute allows me to play in the great outdoors, twice a day.

And after completing this list, I have decided that I’m going for a ride.

– Miranda


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